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Anonymous asked:
then how come you dont use your change to pay off medical debt?

because a couple hundred dollars is not even going to make the slightest dent in my/my families medical debt. so i use it on something that gives me some happiness.

do you know how much doctors/surgeons/hospitals charged my mom for her radical hysterectomy?

do you know how much money i need to pay off my heart ablation surgery from 2010?

do you realize that health insurance NEVER covers anything 100%, not even 80%?

do i need to keep going?


then shut up.


Captain america 2 footage - Cap Vs. The Winter Solider

Anonymous asked:
Sounds like that person is mad that they don't have large, awesome tattoos. Also sounds like that person would be more mad if they found out how little you pay because of how awesome you are <3

hahaa :)

Anonymous asked:
What do you fuck Geoff horn for tattoos ? You cry poverty yet have all this sizeable tattoo work that's gotta be over 100$ per hour and hours to complete

no, i’ve never fucked geoff.

i pay for my tattoos whether geoff does them or someone else does. i literally save my spare change for months on end for tattoos.

and shiiit mothafuckaaa you’d cry poverty too if you made less than 10k a year and had a shit ton of medical bills piling up.

Done with the #ramskull #tattoo on my left arm 😺 thanks @geoffhorn_soos

&#8230;Now to think of what to add around it&#8230;

Done with the #ramskull #tattoo on my left arm 😺 thanks @geoffhorn_soos

…Now to think of what to add around it…

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Funny pictures of the day (71 pics)

Turban Outfitters


Funny pictures of the day (71 pics)
Turban Outfitters
Anonymous asked:
what makeup do u use?

foundation- maybelline dream matte mousse (changing this soon)

powder- maybelline shine free (changing this soon too)

acne concealer- maybelline superstay

undereye concealer- boi-ing by benefit

mascara- urban decay super-curling mascara or maybelline stiletto lash waterproof

eyeliner- loreal le kohl or makeup forever aqua eyes

eyeshadow- urban decay, stila, some maybelline

eyebrows- anastasia brow wiz and anastasia perfect brow pencil

blush- nars orgasm

bronzer- nars laguna

lips- maybelline colorshine

i never wear all of that at once though lol

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kelly marie photo



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Anonymous asked:
do u have a amazon wishlist?

Yes I do!

(My birthday is in 4 days :D )

photo by masart

photo by masart

Don&#8217;t mind my eyebags, I&#8217;m exhausted. But yeah, brown hair!

Don’t mind my eyebags, I’m exhausted. But yeah, brown hair!