nude model. crazy cat lady. giraffe enthusiast. i was probably a marijuana plant in a past life.
Photo by Autumn Productions

#zerotia #model #shadows #naturallight

Photo by Autumn Productions

#zerotia #model #shadows #naturallight

Anonymous asked: Don't want to ask u anything just yet .. Just want to let u know .. Ur style is the TITS.. Love ur work .. And SEXY as all fuck! ;) #jerseygalsrsexy

Thank you :)

#photographers #wtf #psa

#photographers #wtf #psa

"This is what happens when you die. That is what happens when he dies. And that is what happens when they die. It’s all very personal."

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i got a nasty anonymous earlier saying “haha you got fat again. go on a diet bitch”…

i didn’t get fat again. i recovered. and anyone reading this with an eating disorder can recover too. <3

ever since puberty i struggled with my weight and was always made fun of for it.

in 2006 i wore a size 20. i was 17.

these photots were taken in mid-late 2007. in these photos i was a size 00. sometimes i wore children’s clothes. i was 18.

i was anorexic. i was very sick. to this day my body is suffering from the damage i did. starving yourself is NOT WORTH IT.

in 2008 and 2009 i checked myself into treatment for anorexia. it wasn’t easy to start eating again, and it was even harder to change my warped view on my body. but i did it.

i consider myself recovered since 2009. it’s now 2014 and i am now considered a healthy/almost overweight weight. and i’m fine with that.

if you aren’t fine with that, then don’t look at me. don’t tell me to go on a diet. don’t tell me i’m too fat or not fat enough.

i’m fine the way i am, and so are you <3

I wish there were more women confident enough with their bodies to nude model.
The world needs more nude models of ALL SHAPES AND SIZES AND COLORS!

Anonymous asked: Have you gotten laid recently?

I have a boyfriend sooo yea, what do you think?